Self Defence Introduction

True self defence is about winning, not merely surviving when no other option is possible. The Todd Systems educate you and prepare you to make yourself a hard target by situation recognition, avoidance, diffusion and as a last resort, employing methods from their dirty tricks brigade.

The use of the best and most proven practises means of both armed and unarmed options are the order of the day when it comes to winning against the odds.

The Todd Systems are neither traditional arts or combat sports. and they do not require extreme physical attributes or years of training, in fact they are everything that would never be allowed in even extreme combat sport competition.

The ultimate warriors of the military elite and their battle proven skills, where it may come down to kill or get killed are the only systems that are battle proven and they wouldn’t settle for anything but the best so why should you?

The best insurance you get when faced with personal danger is tactically correct, battle proven, military close combat and self-protection; anything less can be more of a danger than an advantage.

National Head Quarters - Dunedin New Zealand
Depots and Instructors NZ and worldwide.
World Leading Military Elite Chief Instructor.
The Best in Trainers and Self Defence Skills.

Australasia’s first and most elite combative training group est. 1927

Learn skills normally exclusive to the military elite, they wouldn’t settle for anything less so why should you.

Professional tuition, reasonable rates, flexible schedules, Individual or small group tuition.

If you are responsible, serious about your personal safety, looking for the best in skills and instructors and are a realist then we want you as an exponent and you need our specialist instruction. Arm your self with proven knowledge.

Instructors to the military, security, law enforcement, close protection, corrections and civilian sectors.

Instructors, consultants, advisors, program designers.

Basic Self Defence Course Description

What to look for in Self Defence Instruction
and Self Defence Instructors

The Instructor must be fully trained and qualified in self defence and/or close combat. True battle proven military systems are neither sports nor arts; they are a military science. We always presume our enemy is bigger, stronger, fitter, faster, highly skilled, armed and dangerous and as such, employ only the most effective, proven, quick, quiet, deadly, dirty tricks of the ultimate warriors, the military elite’s close combat systems.


Geoff (Tank) Todd is an Army Special Operations Close Combat Master Chief Instructor. Trained and instructor qualified by the evolutionary pioneers of military close combat and the leading international experts of the 21st century.

No other living person on this planet has the lineage of Geoff. He has passed his grueling Special Forces Instructor Qualified Course and Master Instructor Qualification and is a current Military Special Operations Group Chief Instructor.

Geoff is an international self defence instructor first class and life member of the School of Self Defence New York. Geoff was named Close Quarter Combat Instructor of the Year in 1996 and is the overseas director for the International Close Combat Instructors Association, the world definitive military close combat instructors organization. He holds a seventh degree black belt in Combat Jiu Jitsu, is a licensed boxing trainer, international police instructor and author, producer and inventor of close combat specialist publications, productions, equipment and weapons.

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