Who Takes Todd Group Self Defence Training?

The Todd Systems have been taught to the military elite, royal family close protection teams, police, security emergency services, corrections, universities, corporations, government departments, business houses and street wise civilians.
Martial Arts black belts, doctors, lawyers, overseas visiting students, men and women of all ages, walks of life and physical abilities. The only ingredient we cant provide is the individuals inner resolve and commitment to winning, but by enrolling is proof of a will to being the best they can be when violence rears its ugly head.

Self Defence against a knife Self Defence defence threatened to punch

Why and when to begin Self Defence tuition

Self Defence against rapeWe welcome your inquiry and the opportunity to enter you in one of our operation education group or individual tuition training courses.

Inquiries in relation to Todd Group self defence, control and restraint and streetwise publications and video productions are welcomed. Choose from our best selling publications and productions to assist with distance learning, refresher or continuation training.

We are your self-protection experts with a life times commitment to excellence that know the most important trophy you will ever defend is yours and your loved ones personal safety and lives, not a tin cup at a tournament.

We reserve the right to train only the responsible. Quit Not!

Included where relevant we instruct principles, not unrealistic individual application techniques. Our principles have stood the test of time and real combat, they are both proven in history and the most up-to-date practices of the ultimate warriors - the military elite. Our principles are designed to be multi functional, offering one option to combat a wide range of attacks and as such in a high stress situation where individual reaction times and skill levels are reduced we provide tactically correct options that are as safe as humanly possible. To employ a rigid set technique in combat or self defence and get it wrong could be your last mistake.

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