The Do's and Don'ts of Close Combat
by Tank Todd, Army Special Forces C.Q.B. Master Chief Instructor
pocket sized- 9cm x 13cm - 56 pages - illustrated


 The following is a collection of sound principles and tactics for information purposes only for the realist or true professional.

I have had the privilege of being instructor trained and qualified by Col. Rex Applegate, Charles Nelson, and Harry Baldock - all evolutionary pioneers of Military Close Combat, law enforcement training, and civilian self defence. I am trained and instructor qualified by such current Close Combat leaders as Capt. Ben Mangels, and Lawrence Jordan. From Col. Applegate I learnt the skills of the British experts, Fairbairn and Sykes, and the Applegate System of Close Combat, and from Charles Nelson I learnt the skills of Pat O'Neill and Col. Biddle, and the Nelson System.

My duty to Close Combat is to continue with the work of my former instructors. As a current Army Special Forces Close Combat Master Chief Instructor my commitment is to ensuring the Close Combat doctrine is battle proven and that all teachings provide the professional combatant with the safest and most effective means to achieve operational success.

My field is a military science not a sport or an art, its teachings are based on science and dirty tricks. The following is not a physical 'how to - set technique' description, but more an outline of the desired principles to achieve the desired outcome. The true professional warrior should have the necessary skills to apply to meet the requirements of these principles and the realist could seek out such proven tactical and effective training.

This is a collection of principles and words of wisdom drawn from The Todd System of close combat, based on my and my former instructors' life times dedication to the military science of close combat and related subjects.

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Samples from The Do's and Don'ts of Close Combat

Chapter One - Battle-field Close Combat

Chapter Two - Phase Urban Self Defence

Chapter Three - Phase Specialist Security

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